Property Listings

The District of Parry Sound Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB) directly manages many types of housing to meet the needs of all people and families living in the District.  This includes the direct management of social housing properties and the administration of the Rent Supplement Program.  In addition to these services, the DSSAB provides oversight and financial support for the not-for-profit community housing units throughout the District of Parry Sound.

Please hover over the images below to view a listing of rental housing in the District. Photographs and profile descriptions are provided for each listing.

DSSAB Owned & Operated Properties

Non-Profit Owned & Operated

Beaucrest Apartments
Senior Housing Beaucrest
The Sound Community Hub
Single Units - The Sound Community Hub
Family Homes
Family Homes
Indigneous Housing units
Indigneous Housing
Golden Sunshine
The Pines Seniors Apartments
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