2021-2026 Strategic Plan

Vision Statement

A community where people know they are valued, belong and have opportunity and purpose.

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Mission Statement

To foster healthier communities by economically providing caring human services that empower and enable the people we serve to improve their quality of life.

Our Strategic Goals

Our Goals: Life stabilization means people centric and collaborative approach to delivery programs and services. Maximize Assets means to capitalize on Staff, expertise, buildings, systems and partnerships. Demonstrate Value means to showcase our impact through data and information.

Our Strategic Directions

Our Goals - life Stabilization, Maximize Assets, Demonstrate Value. Our Strategic Directions - Modernize Service System Planning, Strengthen Collaboration, Holistic Approach to human services, Effective infrastructure renewal, achieve organization excellence

This Strategic Plan is a foundational document that outlines the DSSAB’s identity and aspirations. It communicates to the DSSAB’s partners and community members across the District our commitment to achieving the vision we have set forth. The DSSAB will concentrate its efforts on the realization of five strategic directions, which are broken down into a series of key outcomes. The resulting projects and initiatives will be determined annually and guided by staff in consultation with the Board.
While the DSSAB needs to ensure it is on track to meet the goals in its plan, it must also remain responsive to external factors – such as changes in community needs and priorities and new opportunities. To help support this, the plan will be reviewed annually by the DSSAB Board and staff. In addition, the Board will remain tuned into our progress by receiving a progress update mid-year from the CAO. The annual and semi-annual review process will guide amendments that will need to be made to our Plan to address emerging priorities, to assess resource allocation of plan items, and to better guide the development of staff operational plans. Finally, we believe it is important to maintain communication with the public and our stakeholders about our achievements. Over the next five years we will share and celebrate our successes and those of our partners. We will continue the conversations started through this process and build on the strong relationships that we have established and sustained to support our goals: Life Stabilization, Maximize Assets and Demonstrate Value.

Staying Informed
• Visit our website at www.psdssab.org
• Go to our Facebook page at facebook.com/PSDSSAB
• Contact us by phone at 705-746-7777 or 1-800-461-4464
• Email us at strategicplan@psdssab.org

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