District of Parry Sound Child Care Application Portal

The District of Parry Sound Child Care Application Portal is where you can find and apply for licensed child care and authorized recreation programs across the district. Programs continue to maintain control over their own waitlist(s) and waitlist policies.

Note: Families who have already registered on the waitlist of a licensed child care program within the District of Parry Sound, prior to August 2024, should receive an email with a link to access the portal. 

This online portal uses the OneHSN Childcare Connect Platform.
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Benefits of a centralized platform

The platform allows families to:

  • Easily find and apply to licensed child care centres, home child care providers, before and after school programs of your choice.
  • Focus on convenience by using the interactive map to find child care options close to work or home.
  • Manage contact information, applications, and preferences for programs and centres.
    • If you make a change to your contact information, this change will automatically be reflected across all programs you have applied to.
  • Seek information about financial assistance for child care and special needs supports (Inclusion Support Services) for children.

Frequently Asked Questions - Families

The District of Parry Sound Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB) worked closely with child care operators to ensure the information provided on your initial child care application(s), submitted prior to August 2024, for licensed child care centres and authorized recreation programs were transitioned to the centralized waitlist. Your original application date and spot in line were held during this transition.

If you had an existing child care application prior to August 2024, you should be able to see these on your profile under ‘Summary of My Child Care Applications’. If you believe there is an error on any application(s) or if an application is missing from your profile, please reach out to the program directly for support. 

No, on this site you can complete and submit an application for child care that will be automatically sent to the child care program(s) of your choice. Once a space becomes available, you will be contacted by the child care program for registration.

Yes, you may apply to as many programs as you wish. Your choices will be determined by the information you submit on your application. You will be contacted by the child care program where a space first becomes available. If you accept this space, you still have the option of remaining on one or more other waitlists.

If no space is immediately available to you, the amount of time you will wait is determined by many factors. You may contact the child care program directly to find out where you are on their wait list.

For more information about Child Care Subsidy visit  Child Care Fee Subsidy

To apply please call the Child Care Fee Subsidy office at 705-746-7777 ext. 5277 or email subsidy@psdssab.org

Persons who are working, attending school or have an approved medical or child/family need for child care may be eligible for Child Care Fee Subsidy.  The amount of Fee Subsidy a family can receive is calculated based on income.

Canada Wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) reduces the cost of the child care space at licensed child care programs who are participating in CWELCC for children under age of 6 years.  This may be extended to June 30th of the year a child turns 6 if the child turns 6 between January to June and is enrolled in a preschool, kindergarten or family age group. 

Families do not need to apply for CWELCC. 

Child Care Fee Subsidy is also help with the cost of child care.  Families need to apply and be eligible to receive a fee subsidy.  To be eligible parents need to have a need for care (e.g. Working, attending school) and be financially eligible.  The amount a family pays varies based on their income.  Child Care Subsidy can be approved for children up to age 13 who are attending a licensed child care program that has a service agreement with the District of Parry Sound Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB). 

Families can still apply for Subsidy, even if their child care fees are lower due of CWELCC.

Frequently Asked Questions - Operators

  • Allows operators to easily market their programs, customize their priorities, and fill vacancies faster.
  • Reduces the administrative burden for operators to manage and monitor their waitlist.
  • Have access to accurate and up-to-date applicant information.
  • Operators maintain their own waitlist policies and procedures.
    • Applicants are made aware that adding their child’s name to the waitlist website does not guarantee they will be offered a space for every program they apply to.
    • Operators can include their program’s specific waitlist policies and procedures in their customized welcome letter to families.
    • Operators continue to offer available spaces according to their policies and procedures.
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