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November 9, 2021

District of Parry Sound Social Services Administration Board Launches New Strategic Plan

Parry Sound, ON — The District of Parry Sound Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB) announces the launch of their 2021-2026 Strategic Plan. The five-year Strategic Plan is the result of extensive consultations that took place between May and September 2021. Its development involved obtaining feedback from municipal Chief Administrative Officers, DSSAB staff, the public, and community service partners in the district. It also included feedback from all 15 members of the DSSAB Board who represent the 22 municipalities and unincorporated areas that make up the District of Parry Sound. To ensure the objectivity of the process, the DSSAB engaged an external consultant team from the Housing Services Corporation (HSC) to facilitate the work, handle the results of surveys and discussions with key stakeholders, and assist with the development of the plan.

“Our key goal for the development of the Strategic Plan was to gather insights from as many community voices as possible,” said Tammy McKenzie, Chief Administrative Officer of the DSSAB. “We would like to thank all of those who gave their time to provide valuable feedback on how we can best meet our community’s needs. Their input has played a very important role in shaping this strategic plan,” she added.

A pre-recorded public information session is now available for public viewing on the DSSAB’s website at     

“We encourage members of the public to go to our website and watch the public information session to learn about how their feedback has contributed to the future direction of the DSSAB,” said Rick Zanussi, Board Chair of the DSSAB. “We are proud of this community effort and the end result, and we look forward to sharing the DSSAB’s roadmap for the future.”

The 2021-26 plan is the first of its kind for the DSSAB and sets out the DSSAB’s core vision, mission, and values as well as its long- and short-term priorities to foster healthier communities by economically providing social services that best meet the district’s needs.

About the DSSAB: The District of Parry Sound Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB) administers vital social services for individuals and families living in the District of Parry Sound. The DSSAB supports people to improve their lives and become self-sufficient through the delivery of quality social services including Children’s Services, Housing and Ontario Works. The DSSAB also operates Esprit Place Family Resource Centre which offers emergency shelter and assistance for women and children in the District of Parry Sound who find themselves in crisis.

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