Funding Information

General Operating Grant

The General Operating Grant (GOG) is intended to support the costs of operating licensed child care programs in order to reduce wait times and fees for services, stabilize service levels, and (where funds allow), improve access to high quality affordable early learning and child care services for children and their families.

Wage Enhancement Grant / Home Child Care Enhancement Grant

The Wage Enhancement Grant (WEG) is provided to help retain Registered early childhood educators (RECEs) and other child care program staff who play a key role during the critical years of a child’s development. The WEG is also intended to help bridge the wage gap between RECEs working in the publicly funded education system and those in the licensed child care sector.

The Home Child Care Enhancement Grant (HCCEG) is provided to home child care providers contracted with a licensed home child care agency.

The WEG supports an increase of up to $2 per hour, plus 17.5 percent benefits for licensed program staff and home visitors and the HCCEG supports an increase of up to $20 per day for home child care providers.

Health and Safety Funding

Health and Safety funding is intended to support licensed child care centres that are not in compliance with licensing requirements or may be at risk of not being in compliance with licensing requirements under the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014. Funding is intended to cover one-time repair and maintenance costs.

Capacity Building Funding

Capacity building funding is intended to support professional learning and development opportunities that build the capacity of licensees, supervisors, program staff/caregivers, home visitors, and home child care providers to support the provision of high quality programs for children ages 0 to 12.

Inclusion Support Funding

Inclusion Support funding is intended to be used to support the inclusion of children with exceptional and significant needs in a licensed child care setting at no additional cost to parents/guardians.

Local special needs services and supports continue to evolve over time to meet the diverse and changing needs of children, their families, and communities. The funding approach continues to enhance the ability for the DSSAB to respond to needs specifically related to safety, mobility and/or health concerns.

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