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Programs that we offer throughout the Parry Sound District:

Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of our Early Learning and Child Care Centres is to provide a safe, secure, healthy and enriching environment for the children in our care.

Through the guidance of Registered Early Childhood Educators embracing “How Does Learning Happen?” (Ontario Pedagogy) and the Four Foundations; Well Being, Expression, Engagement and Belonging, we incorporate Emergent Curriculum so that children are given opportunities that stimulate curiosity, initiative and independence.

Active learning through play enhances children physically, intellectually, creatively, emotionally and socially.

Each child is treated with respect and accepted as an individual through positive adult-child interactions.

The learning environment provides children with opportunities to make choices and decisions through inquiry and develop conflict resolution skills that assist in lifelong learning.

Meaningful interactions with other children expands social and communication skills and support the development and understanding of empathy.

A consistent, predictable and flexible day enables the children to make choices and express their intentions, carry them out and reflect on what they have done.  Children have the opportunity to play independently or work together in small and large groups.

“The growth of children’s initiative and positive social disposition in an active early childhood education setting can positively effect preschoolers’ subsequent development and adult performance.”

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