Documents and Forms

Children's Services
Financial Agreement675.5 KiB855
Enrollment Agreement660.9 KiB865
Child Immunization Form62.4 KiB868
Enrollment Form617.6 KiB880
ISS Referral Form210.0 KiB959
Inclusion Support Services Program Statement488.0 KiB1388
First Steps Early Learning and Child Care Centre Program Statement569.5 KiB1493
Fairview Early Learning and Child Care Centre Program Statement545.1 KiB1498
Home Child Care Program Statement498.0 KiB1633
Highlands Early Learning and Child Care Centre Program Statement631.4 KiB1782
Waubeek Early Learning and Child Care Centre Program Statement554.1 KiB1918
Children's Services - Wage Enhancement Documents
2017 Wage Enhancement Application213.0 KiB1001
Housing and Community Services
Application for Rent-Geared-to-Income Housing1.2 MiB392
Definition of Income923.3 KiB2258
Housing Continuum364.2 KiB2283
Occupancy Standards882.7 KiB2319
Modified Unit Chart522.2 KiB2500
Eligibility Requirements316.2 KiB2967
Alternative Housing Providers1.1 MiB3158
Ontario Works
Recreation Fund Flyer458.0 KiB646
Request for Benefit Form72.5 KiB678
Accommodation Verification Form54.5 KiB683
Income Reporting Statement147.3 KiB684
Household Budget Calculation12.1 KiB736
Changes Report27.6 KiB1459
Childcare Attendance 71.3 KiB1811
Medical Transportation Reimbursement Form45.6 KiB1888
Employment Self Assessment 89.1 KiB1999
Paydirect Form99.6 KiB2029
Self Declaration of Employment Form151.7 KiB15885
Administration Documents
AODA Customer Service Feedback Form604.3 KiB1841
Procurement Policy4.1 MiB2744

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