Child Care Fee Subsidy

What is Child Care Fee Subsidy?

Child Care Fee Subsidy provides financial assistance to eligible families, enabling them to access a range of licensed child care programs and supports.

  • Families eligible for Child Care Fee Subsidy must be working or attending an educational program.
  • Families with exceptional circumstances may also be referred and receive Child Care Fee Subsidy.

How do I know if my family is eligible?

Eligibility for Child Care Fee Subsidy is based on a family’s income.

  • Families wishing to apply for Child Care Fee Subsidy please contact: the Children’s Services Office at 705-746-7777 ext. 277, toll free 1-800-461-4464 or email Fax 705-746-4712
  • Arrangements will be made for family members to complete the application.
  • Financial documentation will be required at the time of application.


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