Our Services

The DSSAB is responsible for the delivery of a number of social services, including:

  • Ontario Works programs
  • Children’s Services
  • Community programs
  • Housing Services

Our Service Principles:

  • Deliver services in a fair, impartial manner having regard for the spirit of relevant legislation and within the guidelines of enabling legislation, directives and policies available.
  • Deliver services which enable individuals to assume responsibility for themselves and which foster self-reliance and participation in community life.
  • Treat all people with empathy and respect.
  • Provide complete information to assist people in making informed decisions.
  • Give consideration to individual preference in the selection of and participation in programs.
  • Assist clients to identify their strengths and to build on these to achieve goals consistent with their abilities.
  • Promote services and offer programs, which optimize the development of the child.
  • Operate child care programs which provide quality standards with respect to facilities, staffing, programming, care-giving and parental support.
  • Pursue the development and delivery of child care programs that meet the challenges of children with special needs.

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