What Does It Mean?

Like any large government system, Ontario Works has its own terms and references used to describe different parts of the OW system. The following is a list of some of the terms most frequently used:

The Employment Start-up Benefit also known as Other Employment and Employment Assistance Activities Benefit helps with costs associated with starting a job.

The Extended Health Benefit may be provided to people with high health costs when they exit the Ontario Works Program.

The Extended Employment Health Benefit may be provided for a six month period to people who exit Ontario Works to employment.

The Full-Time Employment Benefit provides extra funds to people starting full-time employment.

Employment Related Expenses may be available to assist with employment-related activities.

The Participation Agreement is a signed plan of employment activities that a participant has agreed to take part in.

The Income Reporting Statement is the card that must be signed and submitted each month outlining what, if any, income has been received in the previous reporting period.

Consolidated Verification Process is a term used to describe an update of a file.

The Benefit Unit is a family in receipt of Ontario Works assistance. It could mean one single person or more than one person.

The Eligibility Review Officer investigates allegations of fraud.

The Family Support Worker assists participants in gaining child or spousal support.

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