Home Child Care Program

In the Home Child Care Program, children learn and grow in an approved supervised friendly home environment.

We Provide

Quality care in a home setting through a variety of daily experiences and the guidance of approved Child Care Providers and trained Home Visitors. Children are provided with a stimulating and nurturing atmosphere.

  • Up to 6 children can be placed in a home. This number includes the Provider’s own children under the age of 6.
  • Small numbers of children allow for more individualized attention by the Providers.
  • Children ages 6 weeks to 13 years are accepted into the Program.
  • Nutritional meals and snacks that follow Canada’s Food Guide are planned and served daily.
  • Hours and days of care that is flexible so children and Providers can be matched according to the family’s needs.
  • All Providers are trained in n Standard First Aid and Infant/Child CPR.

The Home Child Care Program is licensed for 50 homes within the District of Parry Sound.  The Program has been established since 1986.   Home Child Care is legislated by the Child Care and Early Years Act.

Home Child Care Providers

Providers and their homes are carefully screened and approved by qualified staff. Providers follow a flexible daily schedule with the children including craft-time, regular rest periods and outdoor play. There is support for the Providers in the form of scheduled and unscheduled visits by the Home Visitors.

The Home Visitor ensures that the home meets the required standards of the DSSAB, monitors the children’s well being and acts as a resource to the Provider in all matters related to child care. Access to training and resource information is available to the Providers on a regular basis.

  • Providers receive regular training and may attend Ontario Early Years Child Family Centres.
  • CSA approved child care equipment is available to Providers.
  • Agency toys and equipment are available on loan to the Providers and are exchanged on a regular basis.

If you have an interest in becoming a Home Child Care Provider, or wish to explore the option of Home Child Care for your child(ren), then please contact the Home Child Care Program:

Home Child Care Program Statement

Parry Sound Office
1 Beechwood Drive, Parry Sound, ON P2A 1J2
705-746-7777 ext. 271 / 1-800-461-4464 ext. 271

South River Office
P.O. Box 239, 16 Toronto Avenue, South River, ON P0A 1X0
705-386-2967 Ext 431 / 1-800-563-4201 Ext 431

Email: homechildcare@psdssab.org

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