Who We Are

Our Mission

Through social research, planning and public education, the District of Parry Sound Community Development Collaborative works with and supports all cultures and stakeholders across the District of Parry Sound to create sustainable conditions for social, economic, environmental and cultural improvement.

 Our Vision

A well-connected network of all communities socially and culturally vibrant, grounded in a stable and more diverse and inclusive economy, and committed to full sustainability.  Our vision recognizes the need for change, but holds fast to preserving the best of distinct cultures and historical resilience of the many peoples and communities that make up the District of Parry Sound.


A Community Development Collaborative for the District of Parry Sound would produce:

  •  More effective and efficient integrated cross-sectoral planning and development across our District.
  • A strategy and plan for creating economically, socially, culturally and environmentally sustainable communities throughout the District; and
  • A unified District-wide voice to all levels of government on the area’s social and economic development.